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As a club we have a range of kit suitable for all kinds of divers, avaliable for members to use pending avaliability. For training, borrowing club kit is free of charge, for trips and divers organising ‘fun diving days’, club kit is avaliable to borrow for a very small fee. In order to borrow or rent kit, you must be a member of the club. See below for the equipment rental prices for trips and fun dives:

Kit Price Information
CYLINDERS Free Cylinders are avaliable free from club stocks. Sizes avaliable are: 3 Litre (Pony), 10 Litre, 12 Litre, 15 Litre
OPEN WATER REGULATORS £2.50 Cold water rated Regulators, set up as BSAC standard, including a drysuit hose
BOUYANCY CONTROL DEVICES £2.50 Bouyancy Control Device. Sizes avaliable are: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
LEAD WEIGHT & WEIGHBELT Free Lead blocks including a weightbelt. Sizes avaliable: 1kg Block, 2kg Block, 3kg Curved Block, 4.5kg Curved Block
MASK, FINS & SNORKEL £2.50 Various sizes of Masks, Fins and Snorkels are avaliable, however for the best fits we reccomend that you purchase this kit for yourself.
SEMI-DRY EXPOSURE SUIT £2.50 Various sizes avaliable. Speak to the kit officers to find one of a good fit.
DRYSUIT £10.00 Various sizes avaliable. Speak to the kit officers to find one of a good fit.
TWINSET SYSTEM £10.00 7 Litre twinset with regulators and AP Buddy Commando BCD. Avaliable to suitably experienced Sports Divers or above.

Prices shown are for a days rental. For longer periods of time:

  • Up to 4 Days (Long Weekend): 2x Daily Price
  • Up to 8 Days (Week): 3x Daily Price

You are only charged for the days that you will be diving, not the time between collection and drop off.

When trips and/or training is running, kit may not always be avaliable. Please note that Training and Club Trips have priority for kit.

All rental fees are put towards the maintenance of the club equipment. Prices are kept as low as possible as the club does not aim to profit from kit rental. We understand that occasionally accidents can happen, but please treat club kit as if it was your own gear.

Enquire about Kit Rentals!

If you have any queries or would like to hire kit get in touch with us via our Contact page!

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