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Planning a trip

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The University of Nottingham Sub Aqua Club organises a number of trips each year for members of all levels of qualification and experience. These include the main Summer and Easter Trips.

In addition to these, Club members are more than welcome (and encouraged) to plan their own trips and head off for a few days diving, maybe to see somewhere new. Don’t forget though, that ALL trips need to be planned and ALL need the approval of the Diving Officer. To get started on your trip email the President and Diving Officer who will be more than happy to help!


There is more information within the club rules and regulations avaliable on the SU website, however here is a quick overview of the key rules that must be adhered to when planning a trip:

  • All diving must be conducted in accordance with the BSAC Safe Diving practices, you can find more about them here.
  • Any diving you plan should fit with the qualification and experience of the people going. For example, you shouldn’t plan a trip to a location with only 40m dive sites if your are taking newly qualified Ocean Divers.
  • For full details of what your qualification means, either ask an instructor, or visit the BSAC website – Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader.
  • ALL trips need to be planned and need the approval of the Diving Officer.


Within the club rules and regulations is the Trip Planning guide. This covers all of what you need to follow when you plan your trip! If you have any questions get in touch with the committee or an experienced member of the club to help you out!

There is also a summer trip planning checklist available below, the checklist has been put together as an aid to those running a summer trip but most of the information is equally applicable to any trip.

Download the Summer Trip Planning Guide


The following links are to various web sites that can provide information to assist with planning a trip.

Navionics charts: https://www.navionics.com/usa/
Admiralty Charts: http://www.visitmyharbour.com/
Launch sites: http://boatlaunch.co.uk/
General planning help: http://www.planyourdivetrip.co.uk/
Tide times: https://www.tidetimes.org.uk/portland-tide-times
Useful reminder for nitrox/MOD calcs: http://divenerd.com/nitrox-mod/index.html
Wrecks: http://wrecksite.eu/
Which Marina: http://www.which-marina.com/
BSAC dive locations: https://www.bsac.com/uk-diving/uk-dive-sites/

Misc shore dives: http://finstrokes.com/shore-dive
Misc inland Sites: http://finstrokes.com/inland-dive
Trip Planning: https://gusubaquaclub.wordpress.com/diving/organising-a-dive/                                  Accommodation:


This map is an index of launch sites on Skye along with other useful bits such as the location of accommodation, shops, fuel and curry.
Download the Skye Dive Information Map


Marshaling slate (print and laminate A3) – Dive Marshaling Slate
Dive planning/recording (print double sided) – Dive Planning/recording Sheets
Causality assessment – Incident & Causality Assessment
Voyage Planning Sheet – Voyage Planning
Beaufort Wind Scale Made Easy


Visit BSAC.com